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Recent JRC publications on Chemical and Natech Accident Risk



New Chemical Accident Risk Management Publications


Learning from incidents involving power supply failures -
Lessons Learned Bulletin



Covid-19 and Chemical Process Safety


Wood, M. et al., 2021. -
Reducing the risk of oxygen-related fires and explosions in hospitals treating Covid-19 patients


Risk of oxygen fires in hospitals
treating Covid-19 patients - 
Lessons Learned Bulletin
 (html) (nl) (pl)


Pandemic measures and
chemical process safety -

Lessons Learned Bulletin
 (html(中文) (nl) (pl)



Natech Risk Management


Krausmann, E. and Necci, A. 2021, 
Thinking the unthinkable: A perspective on Natech risks and Black Swans


Krausmann, E. and Cruz, A.M. 2021, 
Natech risk management in Japan after Fukushima – What have we learned?


Natech Risk Management -
Common Inspection Criteria


Selected recent publications


Allford , L. and M. H. Wood.
 Accident analysis benchmarking exercise: Project report



Fabbri, L. et al., 2020.
  Global sensitivity analysis of the
ADAM dispersion module


Fabbri, L. and Wood, M. 2019. 
Accident damage
assessment module (ADAM)


Maintenance of
Primary Containment Systems – 
Common Inspection Criteria


Process Safety
Performance Indicators – 
Good Practice Report


Accidents involving liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) –
 Lessons Learned Bulletin


Wood, M. and L. Fabbri. 2019.
Challenges and opportunities for assessing global progress in reducing chemical accident risks


Baranzini et al. 2019.
 Capacity building measures for
chemical accident prevention
and preparedness


Chen, Q., M. Wood, and J. Zhao. 2019.
Case study of the
Tianjin accident





Lessons Learned from accidents involving …

Issue 1

Hydrogen (en pdf / html), Wasserstoff (de pdf)

Issue 2

Contractors (en pdf / html), Fremdfirmenmitarbeitern (de), antreprenori(ro),
ონტრაქტორებს (ქა)კ,المقاولين (عربى)

Issue 3

Impact to the environment (en pdf / html), Auswirkungen auf die Umwelt (de),
impact semnificativ pentru mediu (ro), მნიშვნელოვანი გავლენა გარემოს ((ქა),
تأثير كبير على البيئة (عربى)

Issue 4

Corrosion-related accidents in petroleum oil refineries (en pdf / html), Korrosionsbedingte Unfälle in Erdölraffinerien (de)

Issue 5

Fertilizers (en pdf / html), Düngemitteln (de), îngrășăminte(ro), სასუქები (ქა), الأسمدة (عربى)

Issue 6

Natech accidents (en pdf / html), Natech-Unfälle (de), accidente Natech (ro),
Natech ავარიების (ქა), من الحوادث Natech (عربى)

Issue 7

Ageing (en pdf / html), Alterung (de), veroudering (nl), îmbătrânirea populației (ro), მოძველებული (ქა),  بالشيخوخة (عربى)

Issue 8

Explosives (en pdf / html), Explosivstoffen (de), Explosieven (nl)

Issue 9

Runaway reactions (en pdf / html), runaway reacties (nl)


Emergency response series (ER)

Issue 10

ER1 Evacuation and sheltering  (en pdf / html), ER1 Leerpunten van incidentbestrijding – Evacuatie en schuilen (nl)

Issue 11

ER2 Firefighter preparedness and protection (en pdf / html), ER2 – Leerpunten van incidentbestrijding –Voorbereiding en bescherming van de brandweer (nl)

Issue 12

ER3 Emergency response failures and successes (en pdf / html), ER3 Leerpunten van incidentbestrijding – Mislukte en geslaagde incidentbestrijding (nl)


Chinese edition 中文版


Selected Lessons Learned Analyses in Chinese (MAHB简报3-1_in Chinese), 用中文学习中文

Issue 13

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) on fixed sites (en pdf / htmlLeren van incidenten met vloeibaar aardgas
(LNG) op vaste locaties (nl)

Issue 14

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) (en pdf / html(Leren van incidenten met tot vloeistof verdicht gas (LPG)(nl))

Special Issue
Covid-19 #1

Pandemic Measures and Chemical Process Safety (en pdf / html疫情应对措施和化工过程安全 (中文) Pandemische maatregelen en chemische procesveiligheid (nl) Środki na wypadek pandemii i bezpieczeństwo procesów chemicznych (pl)

Special Issue
Covid-19 #2

Risk of oxygen fires in hospitals treating Covid-19 patients (en pdf / html)
Risico op zuurstofgerelateerde branden in ziekenhuizen waar patiënten met COVID-19 worden behandeld (nl)
Ryzyko powstania pożarów związanych z obecnością tlenu w szpitalach leczących pacjentów z Covid-19 (pl)

Issue 15

Learning from incidents involving power supply failures (en pdf / html)



Links to these publications can also be found in html form with checklist questions on the Seveso Inspection Series webpage

Common Inspection Criteria

For html versions, go to the Common Inspection Criteria website

Good Practice Reports

           No. 11
          Learning lessons from accidents
                 Short version


Covid-19 and chemical process safety


Seveso implementation

Capacity building for chemical accident prevention and preparedness

Accident analysis and investigation
  Accident Analysis Benchmarking Exercise:  Project Report


Land-Use Planning

MAPP/Safety Management Systems

Safety Reports

Seveso Inspections

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IChemE Loss Prevention Bulletin Articles