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This is the pilot version of this web section.  More information and additional industries will be added as it becomes available.  

Chemical processing industries comprises numerous sites within a highly diverse set of industries.  Petroleum refineries, bulk chemical production (e.g. chlorine and ammonia), manufacture of specialty chemicals (e.g., paints, dyes, plastics and resins), pharmaceuticals are examples of industries that comprise a wide range of processes, each with their own unique risk profile and associated risk management implications.  While there is less variety, there is still considerable danger in processes involving hazardous substances in the “non-chemical” industries, such as water and waste treatment, electroplating, and food production.  In addition, distribution activities, including transport by rail, road and pipeline, as well as explorative activities, on and offshore also are important sources of chemical accident risk. This section aims to offer briefs summaries of specific chemical hazard industries with links to specific JRC process safety tools relevant for those industries as well as a (non-exhaustive) list of links to specific sources of information.  

Petroleum refineries

Ammonium nitrate fertilizer production and storage

Explosive and pyrotechnic sites