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CAPRI - Worldwide disasters

The Worldwide Disasters section provides a list of high impact chemical accidents from the 20th and 21st centuries that have been found in open sources online. Selection of disasters for this section is mainly based on whether they fulfill one of the criterion in the EU Gravity Scale . However, on discretion of JRC-MAHB, a few disasters have been selected because of other criteria, in particular, having had a significant impact on public perception beyond national borders. The amount of information in open sources for each disaster may vary widely, with some accidents having countless references in the media, while others may be from one single source and the information is very limited.

In this section, JRC-MAHB does not give links to the sources. In many cases there are many media sources and JRC-MAHB prefers not to indicate any one of them as a primary source, since none of them are official versions of the report and some are contradictory. All sources of the material are from open sources on the web that users can find themselves using keywords. Interested stakeholders are expected to perform these searches themselves without assistance from MAHB except for cases identified as a “historic event”. If the disaster has been identified as a “historic event” for the purposes of this portal, you may find links to some information it in the Historical Event section of the CAPRI portal.

JRC-MAHB does not, and cannot, assume any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, reliability of information created by third parties. Therefore, if relying on particular cases for an analysis or publication, you are strongly advised to make an effort to verify critical details that are important for your work whenever possible. Often, there are more detailed accounts in documents produced by governmental institutions, academia, and industry. If you cannot find any further information on cases you are using for your work, then you are advised to note this limitation in any report and conclusions that make reference to these data. Please remember that, in many cases, you will need to search in the local language(s) as well as English to find the information you seek.

If you choose to use information from this portal for your own purposes, without any further verification, you should be aware of its limitations and also communicate them in conjunction with any conclusions you may publish based on the information.

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