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CAPRI - Media Incident Database

MAHB collects and manages data on chemical incidents reported in the media through a the JRC’s GMI-CHEM database (Global Media Information on Chemical Incidents). Media reports can provide valuable information on the range and number of serious chemical incidents occurring around the world and facilitate the analysis of chemical incidents globally. The current dashboards represent the joint effort of JRC-MAHB and La Sapienza University to present a subset of these data through an interactive visualisation of the chemical accidents that occurred the period 2018-2020. Other years will be added following a quality check and analysis (provided we have the resources to continue to collect the data). Since this is a time-consuming process, new years are usually added only towards the end of the following year.

JRC Methodology

The data represent all those events identified as either high impact or local disasters (corresponding to 5-6 and 3-4 on the European Gravity Scale of Industrial Accidents). After identifying a chemical incident reported in the media, the JRC assigns various data classifications to facilitate quantitative and comparative analysis of basic attributes, including geographic location, industry type, mode of activity, and impacts. The JRC also records important qualitative data, including, when mentioned, the substance involved. The database uses a relatively simple typology for most categories, especially industry and severity level, so that the classifications can be consistently applied with reasonably accuracy across media reports. At the same time, the methodology is sufficient for obtaining a general, but accurate picture of where chemical accidents are occurring around the world. The published dataset does not include site-specific identifiers, copyrighted text, and other non-sharable intellectual property. Nor does it include the vast majority of incidents reported in the media that have no discernible serious impacts.

You can access the GMI-CHEM data by clicking on the widget below.

The dashboards represent data from a three-year period, 2018-2020, and by default, the most recent year is selected. Users can also change the default selection on any dashboard by clicking the appropriate boxes.

The content of the GMI-CHEM is provided “as is”, with every effort and attempt to ensure it is accurate and current. However, JRC-MAHB does not, and cannot, assume any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, reliability or completeness of such content. Therefore, if relying on particular cases for an analysis or publication, you are strongly advised to make an effort to verify critical details that are important for the work whenever possible. Sometimes there are more detailed accounts in documents produced by governmental institutions, academia, and industry. If you cannot find any further information on cases you are using for your work, then you are advised to note this limitation in any report and conclusions that make reference to these data. Please remember that, in many cases, you will need to search in the local language(s) as well as English to find the information you seek.