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Technical Working for Seveso Inspections (TWG 2)

Ageing and Primary Containment Maintenance on Seveso and other Hazardous Sites

Organised by the EC-Joint Research Centre with the TWG 2
8 February 2022, 13:00 – 17:00 CEST

The webinar will be open for participation at 12:30 for those who may need more time to set up access.

 If you have a question, please pose it in the Chat.


Moderator: Maureen Wood, EC-JRC-MAHB 

Co-Moderator:  Charles Cowley, CCPS


Introductory Session (10 minutes)


Welcome to the Webinar

Maureen Wood, EC-JRC


Introduction to the Programme

 Charles Cowley, CCPS

 Session 1.  TWG 2 Seveso Inspection publications on Ageing and Primary Containment Maintenance   


Summary of the Good Practice Report on Risk Management and Enforcement on Ageing Hazardous Sites

Charles Cowley, EC-JRC


Summary of the Common Inspection Criteria on Maintenance of Primary Containment Systems

Maureen Wood, EC-JRC

 Session 2.  Practices and perspectives in the EU Member States  


What is Ageing on a Hazardous Site?

Mark Hailwood, LUBW Baden-Württemberg, Germany


Analysis of accidents and good inspection practices for the management of ageing of industrial plants in Italy

Romualdo Marrazzo, Environment Agency (ISPRA), Italy


National strategy on ageing and maintenance

Thibaut Marty, Ministry of Environment, France


 Ageing and maintenance – Recent accidents and near misses

Gauthier Vaysse, Ministry of Environment, BARPI


Coffee break



Discussion and examples from authorities:  If you would like to ask a question or comment, please use the Webex chat

Moderator: Charles Cowley, CCPS                                         Co-Moderator:  Maureen Wood, EC-JRC

Session 3. Inspection experiences on hazardous sites


Inspection experiences on ageing infrastructure  and equipment control: case studies

Fausta Delli Quadri, Environment Agency (ISPRA), Italy


Hungarian evaluation method for the multi-aspect aging phenomenon

Ivan Domjan, National, Directorate General for Disaster Management, Hungary


Ethylene gas release at a LDPE plant

Vibeke Henden Nilssen, Directorate of Civil Protection (DSB), Norway


Quick and unexpected ageing as a consequence of poor management of change (Presentation not available to the public)

Jasmin Pervaz, Bezirksregierung Arnsberg, Germany


Discussion:  If you would like to ask a question or comment, please use the Webex chat.

 End of webinar