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Technical Working Group on Seveso Inspections (TWG 2)

Meeting Agenda

11-13 May 2016

Brussels, Belgium

Wednesday, 11 May 2016                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Afternoon Session
R. Larsen, Directorate for Civil Protection, Norway




Welcome (Belgium Federal Public Service for Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue)


Opening Business (Chairman)

§  Introduction of new members

•       Overview of the agenda

•       Amendments to April 2015 meeting notes (if any)

•       Action items from last meeting

•       TWG 2 funding and strategy issues for 2916-2017 planning cycle

•       TWG 2 Meeting 2017– Location and time, TBA

•       Renewal of the Steering Committee mandate – 2017

•       TWG 2 Purpose and Objectives (TOR)



Mutual Joint Visit (MJV) Programme

•       Feedback from MJV Workshop on Safety Culture, Leadership and Enforcement – 16-18 September, 2015, The Hague the Netherlands

•       MJV 2016

•       Future of the MJV Programme – Follow-up on 2015 volunteers to host MJV
UK– 2017?
Austtria – 2018

Denmark - 2019
Slovenia – ?

New volunteers?

•       Permanent Technical Advisory Group – Appointment of TAG leadership

•       Updates to MJV Toolkit – Addition of MJV Report Template

        -Review of Potential MJV Topics (see attached)

•       Update on publication of MJV reports

•       Review of MJV Priority Topics

Any other issues (Technical Advisory Team, Participation and Financing, etc.)


Coffee break


General discussion of TWG 2 publication and communication strategy

·         Recap of strategy discussion last year
-Addition of questions, inspection techniques in annex document (Word)
-Possible different types of CICs (broad concepts vs. technical-specific)

·         New proposals
-Create short abstract for each
-Each country may translate the abstract in their own language when distributing internally
-Attach keywords for publication in each language

·         Challenges with dissemination and application of publications

·         Communication with other inspectorates about TWG 2 activities


Common Inspection Criteria  -

·      2014 topics - Discussion of draft CICs and work-in-progress

Each topic leader is asked to send draft CICs  for distribution at least 2 weeks before the meeting.  They will also present them at the meeting. This session is a working session to provide targeted assistance to topic leaders by reviewing the current state of the draft CIC.   Therefore, topic leaders should view this is an opportunity to make progress in shaping the content of the document.

o    Pressure relief systems

o    Internal emergency planning

o    Management of change

o    Safety performance monitoring

o    Emergency isolation systems

Note that Maintenance of primary containment systems will be continued in 2016-2017.

·      Feedback on the CIC Development Process

·      Potential Future CICs

·      Preparation for break-out sessions to develop questions for existing CICs

-Permit to Work and Process Hazard Analysis (Group 1)

-Internal Audit and Safety Instrumented Functions (Group 2)

TWG 2 participants will be assigned to Group 1 or Group 2 after registration.  Each group member should prepare questions for the group discussion.




Thursday, 12 May 2016

Thursday  morning session

Chair:  D. Draeger, Government of Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany


 Break-out sessions on common inspection criteria (CIC) Questions

The remainder of the afternoon session will be dedicated to discussion in 2 break-out groups on common inspection criteria for the following SMS topics: 

Permit to Work and Process Hazard Analysis (Group 1)

Internal Audit and Safety Instrumented Functions (Group 2)



Coffee Break





Common Inspection Criteria – Plenary session

Each break-out group will summarise the outcome of its discussions, if possible, providing a draft summary document of their suggestions.


Accident case studies

-Shell Moerdijk, The Netherlands
Explosion mechanism in large scale explosions-:  Research findings from the Buncefield accident

-Implementation of lessons from Buncefield



Adjourn for Lunch


Thursday afternoon Session
R. Larsen, Directorate for Civil Protection, Norway




Discussion/exchange on questions about Seveso implementation

Responses to the question will be summarized and distributed before the meeting for discussion

·         Dealing with inclusion of “substances produced by loss of control/assessment establishment”

·         How do countries deal with Seveso coverage in port areas (From Turkey)

·         How are countries meeting new inspections criteria for lower tier sites?

·         How are countries dealing with  Communication to the Public?

·         Have  countries had any issues with self-classification?  If so, please share it with the TWG 2.

·         Do inspectorates publish an annual report summarizing Seveso inspections activity and is it available online?


Coffee Break



Enforcement - Prohibition of Use Case Studies

·         Norway

·         The Netherlands

·         United Kingdom



Adjourn for the day



Friday, 13 May 2016

Friday morning session
D. Draeger, Government of Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany


Exchange of perspectives on implementing Item 4c of Annex II of Seveso III, "review of past accidents and incidents”

·         Presentation from Industry

·         Roundtable Exchange of Implementation Practices of Member States

·         Discussion



Coffee break


Update on JRC Accident Analysis and Lessons Learned Activities


Projects briefings and short business items

•       Sharing of results from topic summaries produced as a result of past TWG 2 mini-workshops

•       Update of multinational sites in Seveso countries

•       JRC Chemical Accident Risk Conference 2017

•       MAHB MINERVA website  and Inspections section – update and request for feedback

•       Projects from TWG 2 participants?

•       Any other business?


•       Summary of Meeting Results and Action Items

•       Location of next TWG 2 Meeting


Adjournment of meeting